• a single leaf gate operates automatically to retain depths at each low tide
  • 3 vertical red lights indicates gate closed or closing or opening and an audible alarm sounds during the closing or opening phases which takes 15 minutes (5 minute pre-warning + 10 minute operation)
  • the dock gate is open for a minimum of 3 hours either side of every high tide
  • ​the width of the gateway at the narrowest point is 8 metres


  • sill is at Chart Datum height and the gate when closed is at +2.6m CD Seaham to retain the depths within the marina
  • the depths on the pontoon berths are between 1 and 1.5 metres with 1.8 metres on the visitor berths


  • marina staff will normally be on pontoons to assist in direction to visitor berth and mooring however please tell us during contact if assistance would be helpful


  • telephone marina office during office hours on 0191 581 8998
  • VHF current contact on channel 16 then you will be requested to switch to channel 8. Call sign "Seaham marina"

​We accept visiting boats all year round up to 10 metres length and to a maximum of 1.8 metres draft.

                                                                                       0191 5818998

​Marina Management, Unit 10 The Waterside, Seaham Harbour Marina, Seaham, Co Durham SR7 7EE


  • marina gateway/entrance is 276 degrees west 350 metres from centre of harbour entrance between pier heads
  • 5 knot speed limit throughout inner harbour and marina
  • 3 green lights to marina entrance indicates safe to navigate gateway but be aware of traffic in other direction (departing marina)


  • harbour entrance north breakwater black & white circle lighthouse giving green flash each 10 seconds
  • harbour entrance south breakwater 2 vertical red lights to port
  • marina entrance 3 vertical red or green lights to port side of gateway, do not enter gateway during 3 red lights

Welcome to

Seaham Harbour Marina

Information for visiting boats


  • on England's east coast with bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping centres on our doorstep
  • 5 miles south of Sunderland, 11 miles north of Hartlepool
  • harbour entrance 54 50 13.00 N   01 19 17.00 W


  • give way to commercial shipping, do not stay, anchor or drift across shipping lane
  • careful on entry to within 50 metres of marina entrance on low water springs, can shallow out to within 1 metre
  • ​two historic mooring posts within marina, marked during darkness with yellow flashing light to top, single flash each 4 seconds​​
  • during dredging operations in inner harbour please pass to starboard side of dredger