Port Security

Harbour Community Interest Company (SHCIC) has committed to comply with the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), which includes the publication of a Marine Safety Plan.

The plan details how SHCIC conducts marine management and operations within Seaham Harbour Marina limits, in a safe and effective manner. It has responsibility for ensuring safe access to the marina and its facilities, safety of vessels, the general public and users of Seaham Harbour Marina. Further duty is to conserve and improve the marina and its environment.

Please find below the Marine Safety Plan.

Data Protection

An essential activity within Seaham Harbour Marina is the requirement to gather and process information about the staff and people who use our services.  This will be done in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), The Data Protection Act 1988 and other related Government legislation.

In order to comply with GDPR we have reviewed our policies and procedures in order to cover the rights which individuals have.  Details of Seaham Harbour Marina policies are detailed below:-

Please find below the Records Retention Policy for Seaham Harbaour Marina.

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