UNIT 5 - Seaside Chic

Discover an eclectic mix of beautiful and unique gifts, trinkets and souvenirs for your home in this chic boutique.

UNIT 2 - ​Nicey Icey

No trip to the beach is complete without an ice cream! From mint and salted caramel to bubblegum and rhubarb crumble, you're sure to find your favourite flavor.

​Business outlets at The Waterside

Seaham Harbour Marina is home to a fantastic selection of local businesses. From cafes serving delicious homemade cakes to physiotherapy and fitness classes, there is something for everyone at Seaham Harbour Marina. Whether you're looking for a fun family day out, fancy learning to paddle board, or simply want to relax with a short walk and slice of cake, visit Seaham Harbour Marina.

UNIT 6 - Mr Jacobs Curious Sweet Emporium

Enjoy a fantastic selection of delicious confectionery and satisfy your sweet tooth at Mr Jacobs Curious Sweet Emporium. The kids will love choosing their own treats (as will your own inner child too).

UNITS 11 & 12 - The Lookout Café

As if great coffee and food isn't enough, The Lookout boasts incredible views of the marina, so sit back, relax, and have you cake and eat it too.

UNIT 1 - Bulan

With a terrific selection of delicious burgers and chicken dishes combined with a great choice of wines and beers, you'll be spoilt for choice at Bulan Burger Joint.

Welcome to

Seaham Harbour Marina

Grab a cuppa and a clean cake or maybe a smoothie on the seaview balcony (don’t worry - they have blankets!)
Doggies and kiddies welcome

Historic lifeboat house & heritage centre

A project which began with the purchase and restoration of Seaham's historic George Elmy lifeboat by East Durham Heritage Group (EDHG) led to funding by Durham County Council to restore the old lifeboat house and build a connected heritage centre. The George Elmy lifeboat suffered a terrible disaster at sea in 1962 in which nine people lost their lives following the rescue of the crew from a local fishing coble. The lifeboat is now housed in the lifeboat house and can be seen by the public. 

Please call in to see and listen to the full story presented by EDHG. Opening times are Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm (11am to 3pm in Winter).

UNIT 7 - Hello Sunshine

Booking a holiday couldn't be easier with this dedicated Jet2 booking centre.

UNIT 8 - Reform2Perform

Reform 2 Perform offer treatments such as manual therapy, manipulative therapy, neural mobilisation, rehabilitation of sports specific injuries and Sports massage as part of a Physiotherapy session. Injury specific acupuncture and Exercise are also an important part of rehabilitation with a choice of Pilates classes and one to one reformer sessions on hand to compliment rehabilitation goals.

​Business outlets at The Castlelside

UNIT 3 - Pancake Kitchen

Offering a selection of tasty savoury and sweet pancakes or waffles, Pancake Kitchen is an excellent cafe in Seaham.

                                                                                       0191 5818998

​Marina Management, Unit 10, The Waterside, Seaham Harbour Marina, Seaham, Co Durham SR7 7EE

UNIT 3 - Flamingo Bar and Cafe

UNIT 2 - East Coast Fitness

East Coast Fitness programmes have helped 1000's of people change their lives! Learn how to workout effectively (within 20-30 minutes), cook quick, healthy and tasty meals, change your mindset so that you don’t fall back into old habits.


Opening soon

UNIT 9 - Taylor Hall

For more than 30 years, Taylor Hall, Wills and Mortgage Brokers has been providing financial services and solutions throughout the North East.